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All About Cubs April: A Crystal Ball

Brass tacks time: What's your prediction for April?

First pitch, coming soon.
First pitch, coming soon.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you should feel fully prepped for April, especially in anticipation of tonight's season opener. We've looked at the importance of a good start, the affect of offense, the arms, and the schedule. Now, it's time to wrap this five-part series by making April predictions.

Remember the schedule? The Cubs will play 22 games in April.

I'm going to call 12-10 this April. I think the offense will scuffle with ups and downs. But the pitching will carry the day. The bullpen will be better than Aprils past and none of the starters will be bad all month. There's some tough competition and I think the Cubs will hold their own.

And, really, that's all we can ask out of April: leave the month healthy and keep pace with the rest of the division. Then buckle down for what we hope will be a much more enjoyable 2015. And it all starts tonight against the rival Redbirds.

So make your pick - what will April hold for the Cubs?