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Wrigley Field Construction Update: April 8

There was baseball at Wrigley Field Wednesday, but there was also other work going on.

I arrived outside Wrigley Field at 1:15 p.m., just a few minutes before the first pitch. The first thing I noticed was that the sound level had been turned down. The sound was a bit muffled out on the sidewalk. There was still a good-sized crowd in front of Gate F, but many appeared to be waiting there and not actually in line to get in. There was no backup at the gates.A number of Cubs employees were stationed outside Wrigley. I did learn that they additional staff were posted outside to assist fans due to the blocked streets. This was discussed at the community meeting I attended back in February. I did see the temporary restrooms placed outside Gate K/J on Waveland Avenue .There was no work taking place in the bleachers. They have completed putting in all the concrete forms in left field. Waveland was clear of ballhawks during Wednesday's game.They were working in the triangle lot during the game. I was not able to photograph the work as I was not able to walk up to the fence. They had outside security staff to keep Waveland clear, and help direct fans. I learned that the Cubs did switch the agency used when outside security help is required. They used to use S# Security. This year they are using Monterey Security. They are wearing dark green jackets with Cubs logos.In my photos you will see where the smokers go during the game. Passouts are given to smokers at Gate K/J and at the Captain Morgans Club. Employees smoke on Sheffield Avenue outside Gate A.Gate A is also bring used to remove trash during the game. The garbage truck is parked between the visiting team bus and one of the private ambulances kept on standby.Before I left, I noticed some signs posted on Sheffield Avenue rooftop buildings. There were apparently some last minute changes to the parties being hosted. Very interesting.

David will continue going to the ballpark to help us keep track of the construction project all season -- until the bleachers are complete, and then looking at the ongoing work in the triangle lot. And at 1 p.m. CT today, BCB's Danny Rockett will show you what it looked like inside Wrigley Field during Wednesday's game.