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Wrigley Field Construction Update: May 31

Here's a look at how the bleachers looked during Sunday's game... as work continued.

BCB's David Sameshima was in the bleachers for Sunday's game and filed this report:

I was not expecting the throwback theme at Sunday's game, so the signage being displayed did initially confuse me. They did commit to the theme and did not display the Cubs name, or logo, on any of the displays today. The listing for the Kansas City was slightly baffling. On the center field scoreboard, they were listed as "KANSAS CITY FL". One of my friends realized that it stood for "Federal League." I never saw the team name,for Kansas City, displayed anywhere. Someone in our group had to look it up, to discover that they were the "Packers." I did take as many photos as I could of right field. Almost all of the photos were taken from upper center field. This section in center field won't seem so high anymore, with the top of the new right field bleachers at the same height as the bottom of upper center field.They have removed the solid partitions that were under the left field porch. They have been replaced with chain link fences. It appears that part of this area may be used for storage. I saw one ice storage box already placed in this area.Before the start of the game, there was a moment of silence for Lennie Merullo. With all the video boards, it is confusing where to look. I was taking a photo of his name being displayed on the right field video board. When I turned to look at the left field video board, it went dark for the moment of silence. I think all the boards went dark, but I am not sure, as I was still looking through the camera viewfinder.Having all this game information can be pretty cool, especially for someone like me who keeps score, but for now, it has been very frustrating. I have to look around at all the boards that I can see from my seat, to try to catch something before it gets taken off display. That is, if it was even displayed on any one of the boards. It is usually just easier to go back to my phone, and look up something that I might have missed. Also the lettering size on the upper deck ribbon boards is too small, and hard to read. This is just me, but I am still getting confused by the third-base line ribbon board. It usually displays pitcher stats, but will then switch to batter and score information. The first base line ribbon board will just display the batter and score information. I have to keep scanning around for information. I am sure I will figure it all out, as it falls into a routine. I hope it does.When the Cubs finally won, they kept up the throwback theme. All the signage continued to display "Whales." When I was leaving, I was surprised to see contractors still working on the Sheffield Avenue side of the main bleacher gate. 

The chain-link fences shown in photos 16 and 17 had been covered with tarps before this homestand. I have wondered whether those fences will eventually be removed; they look temporary to me.

With the weather improving this week, there should be nothing standing in the way of completing the right-field bleacher seating by the next home game, June 11. As I was leaving Wrigley Sunday afternoon, I saw some contractors coming in, apparently reporting to work.