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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 9

We are just two days from the scheduled opening of the right-field bleachers.

After a couple of stormy days Sunday and Monday that prevented BCB's David Sameshima from getting to Wrigley Field (and likely also prevented a lot of work from getting done), David returned to the ballpark Tuesday. Here's his report:

I did make a visit to Wrigley Tuesday afternoon. There's not much I can really add here; most of what's going on can be clearly seen in the photos. The right-field bleachers are scheduled to open on Thursday, but it will still be a construction zone along Sheffield and Waveland.I have seen some people comment, asking when Sheffield and Waveland will be reopening. I hope these photos will answer that question. I was surprised to see excavation work taking place at Sheffield and Waveland, and at Waveland and Kenmore. I heard that this is related to work that Com Ed needs to do. Thing are looking good, but the bleachers are still far from being done. Expect the bleachers to continue being a construction zone for a while longer.

David is planning a visit Wednesday afternoon, so we'll have more photos here tomorrow.