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MLB Draft Day 3 Discussion Thread And Day 2 Recap

The draft ends today and there are still some quality ballplayers on the board.

Ryan Kellogg
Ryan Kellogg
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Today's the final day of the 2015 MLB Draft, with rounds 11 through 40, starting today at 11 a.m. Central time. These rounds are the lightning rounds, with picks made as soon as the teams can make their announcements. While many of the players taken in these rounds either won't sign or are just meant to be minor-league roster filler, there are still 15 players ranked among's Top 100. These players are all here because they are likely to be tough to sign, but that doesn't mean impossible to sign. Some of these top prospects will end up signing with the team that drafts them.

Also, we'd all like to welcome eight new members of the Cubs family taken in the draft yesterday. We hope you all have happy and productive careers with the Cubs.

Those new draftees are:

3. LHP Bryan Hudson. Alton HS (IL)

Hudson is a huge left-hander at 6'8". He was also a Cardinals fan until yesterday. You should probably just watch this video.

4. OF Darryl Wilson. Canton South HS (OH)

Wilson is a short, quick centerfielder who was the best high school prospect in Ohio and has drawn comparisons to Adam Eaton and Ben Revere. He's committed to Vanderbilt and those guys are always tough signs, but the word is that he does have a number that he'd forgo Vandy for. I don't think the Cubs would have drafted him here if they weren't very confident they could sign him.

5. LHP Ryan Kellogg. Arizona State.

I'm sure we'll call him "cornflake" around here. Kellogg is a tall (6'5") left-hander who never repeated the outstanding freshman season that he had at ASU. But he is still a smart left-hander who gets by on location and changing speeds.

And we've got a video.

6. RHP Dave Berg. UCLA.

Berg is a rubber-armed submariner who holds the NCAA single-season record for saves. He doesn't throw hard (what submariner does?) but he has a "frisbee slider" which just makes me happy to type that. He's been compared to Pat Neshek and Chad Bradford.

7. RHP Craig Brooks. Catawba College (SC).

8. RHP Preston Morrison. Texas Christian.

9. LHP Tyler Peitzmeier. Cal State Fullerton.

10. SS Vimael Machin. Virginia Commonwealth.

The final five picks, Berg and everyone after him, are all college seniors who should sign for well under slot value, leaving money in the bonus pool for Wilson and any other overslot picks the Cubs might take today.

Discuss day three of the draft amongst yourselves.