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Wrigley Field Construction Update, And Rain Delay Photos: June 13

New views of the lower bleacher concourse, and rain delay photos, in today's set.

This is a much larger gallery of construction and general Wrigley photos than usual, but it's Sunday, and there was also a lot of interesting things to photograph before and during Saturday's game and rain delay, via photos from BCB's David Sameshima.

One of the more interesting things are views of the bleacher concourse beneath left field, which is still closed off by construction fences. I had gone downstairs to the restroom during the rain delay, using the new left-field stairs which you can see in photo 60. On my way back up I noticed there was a gap in the construction fence through which you could see the concourse, which is nearing completion. You can see that in photos 72-75. In general, there is a lot more room underneath the bleachers than there was before. Some of this will be taken up by the new bullpens in 2016, some of it with new concession stands, but there's much more space than previously. It also seems much more brightly lit.

Much of this set is meant to show you what went on during and right after the rain delay, and the aftermath in the bleachers, things you don't often see on TV. Hope this gives you a better idea of what goes on at the ballpark during those times, if you've never sat through one.

There are also a few more photos of the new "basket" structure on top of the right-field well gate (photos 11-13). I think you can see how, if they put a basket on the gate, they wouldn't be able to open it, which is why they built it the way they did.

David also mentioned to me that the right-field porch, which had been open to the public for the first couple of games after opening, was closed off Saturday for a group from Notre Dame, some of whom were also on the right-field patio. In addition, the last two rows of the bleachers, in front of the porch, were also reserved for the group.

We'll have more photos here tomorrow and David will be at Monday's game so we'll have more interior photos Tuesday.