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2015 Chicago Cubs Draft Recap

Baseball's annual first-year player draft took place over the past week. The Cubs selected a lot of players. Some will end up being better players than others. Some won't even sign with the Cubs.

Cubs 2015 eighth-round pick Preston Morrison
Cubs 2015 eighth-round pick Preston Morrison
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The 50th anniversary MLB draft is now done and dusted and the Cubs stuck to the formula that has been working for them over the past few drafts. Go with hitters early and then go quantity over quality on arms.

The complete list of the Cubs draft picks, by round and overall pick number:

1 (9)   Ian Happ  OF   University of Cincinnati (Ohio)  8/12/94 S/R   6-0  205

2 (47)  Donnie Dewees OF  University of North Florida  9/29/93   L/L   5-11 180

3 (82)   Bryan Hudson  LHP Alton H.S. (Ill.)   5/8/97  L/L  6-8  220

4 (113) Darryl Wilson OF Canton South H.S. (Ohio)  10/8/96  L /L  5-8  177

5 (143) Ryan Kellogg  LHP Arizona State University  2/4/94  R/L  6-6  230

6 (173)  Dave Berg  RHP  UCLA (Calif.)  3/28/93  R/R  6-0  190

7 (203)  Craig Brooks RHP  Catawba College (N.C.)  9/23/92  R/R  5-10  180

8 (233)  Preston Morrison  RHP TCU (Texas)  7/19/93  R/R    6-2  185

9 (263)  Tyler Peitzmeier LHP  Cal State – Fullerton  2/26/93  L/L  6-2  210

10 (293)  Vimael Machin SS  VCU (Va.)  9/25/93  L/R  5-11 185

11 (323)  Matt Rose 3B Georgia State University (Ga.)  8/2/94  R/R   6-4 195

12 (353)   P.J. Higgins  2B  Old Dominion University (Va.)  5/10/93  R /R   5-10 185

13 (383)   Kyle Twomey  LHP  University of Southern California  12/29/93  L/L  6-3  170

14 (413)   Jake Kelzer  RHP  Indiana University  6/30/93  R/R   6-8  230

15 (443)   Scott Effross  RHP  Indiana University 12/28/93  R/R   6-1  195

16 (473)  Michael Foster  CF Northeastern University (Mass.)  11/4/93  R /R   5-11  184

17 (503)  Casey Bloomquist  RHP Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (Calif.)   1/25/94  R/R   6-3  190

18 (533)  John Cresto  3B Cathedral Catholic H.S. (Calif.)  12/15/92   R/R   6-3  210

19 (563)  Kyle Miller  RHP  Florida Atlantic University  12/21/93   R/R   6-2  165

20 (593)  Blake Headley  3B  University of Nebraska-Lincoln  5/7/93   L/R   6-2   218

21 (623)  Jared Cheek  RHP   University of Georgia (Ga.)  10/31/92  S/R   5-11 180

22 (653)  Alex Bautista  OF  Lindsey Wilson College (Ky.)   9/6/93  R/R   6-0   200

23 (683)  John Williamson  LHP  Rice University (Texas)  9/27/92  L/L  6-1  195

24 (713)  Sutton Whiting  SS University of Louisville (Ky.)  5/13/92  S/R  5-8  170

25 (743)  Marcus Mastrobuoni   C  California State--Stanislaus  11/28/93  R/R   5-11  205

26 (773)  Jared Padgett  LHP  Graceville H.S. (Fla.)  11/18/96  L/L   6-3  190

27 (803)  Angelo Amendolare  2B  Jacksonville University (Fla.)  12/2/92   R.R   5-9  170

28 (833)  Delvin Zinn  SS  Pontotoc H.S. (Miss.)  5/29/97  R/R  5-10  170

29 (863)  Ian Rice  C  University of Houston (Texas)  8/19/93   R/R   6-0   200

30 (893)  Tyler Payne  C  West Virginia State University  10/25/92   R/R   5-11 210

31 (923)  Daniel Spingola  OF Georgia Tech  5/5/93   L/L  6-1  180

32 (953)  Fitz Stadler RHP  Glenbrook South H.S. (Ill.)  4/2/97  R/R   6-7  215

33 (983)  M.T. Minacci  RHP  (No School)  6/6/95  R/R   6-0  175

34 (1,013)  Cody Hawken OF  Union H.S. (Wash.)  8/4/96  R/R  6-5  205

35 (1,043)  Taylor Jones  1B  Gonzaga University (Wash.)  12/6/93   R/R    6-7  225

36 (1,073)  Al Jones  SS  Columbus H.S. (Ga.)  12/24/97  S/R   5-9  197

37 (1,103)  Donnie Cimino  OF Wesleyan University (Conn.)  8/21/93  R/R   6-2   205

38 (1,133)   Rayne Supple  RHP  Champlain Valley H.S. (Vt.)  8/18/97  S/R  6-3  185

39 (1,163)  John Kilichowski  LHP Vanderbilt University (Tenn.)  5/17/94  L/L   6-5  217

40 (1,193)  Domenic DeRenzo  C  Central Catholic H.S. (Pa.)  3/8/97  R/R   5-11  185

For those of you keeping track at home, that's 22 hitters and 18 pitchers. Of the 22 hitters, there were ten infielders, eight outfielder and four catchers. Of the 18 pitchers, there were 11 righthanders and seven lefties.

Additionally, the Cubs draft was very college-heavy. Of the 40 picks, only 10 were high school players. And several of those were "tough signs" that are unlikely to sign.

However, I expect everyone in the top ten picks to sign. In these days of draft pools, teams generally don't draft a player in the top ten unless they know beforehand what it will take to sign that player. Sometimes there's a miscommunication and sometimes the player changes his demands after the draft and things go wrong, but there is probably a 95 percent chance the Cubs sign all of their top ten draft picks.

All five picks in rounds six through 10 were college seniors, so they should sign pretty quickly and for under slot, as they have little leverage.

Keep in mind that this was generally considered to be a very weak draft, especially after the top dozen players or so. A lot of these guys are uninspiring at this point, but every year someone comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone. Let's hope it's one (or more) of these guys.

Here's a one-line summary of all top 10 picks.

1. Happ. Switch-hitting pure hitter. Weak arm, best position might be second base.

2. Dewees. Line-drive hitting lefty put up impressive numbers in weaker conference. Another weak arm, so left field only.

3. Hudson. Big lefty with a big curve. Still some projection left in his big frame.

4. Wilson. Speedy little guy with good contact skills. No power. Vandy commit, but should sign.

5. Kellogg. Another big lefty. Stuff never lived up to potential at ASU, but could still be a BOR guy.

6. Berg. Right-handed submariner. Rubber arm. Possibly the greatest NCAA reliever ever.

7. Brooks. Short right-hander with a big fastball. Probably future role in bullpen.

8. Morrison. Pitchability righthander with average stuff, but put up great numbers at TCU anyway.

9. Peitzmeier. Titans closer. Change-up specialist. Watch him in CWS this week.

10. Machin. Puerto Rican went to VCU for the education. Dad converted him from lefty to righty at age 5. Possible catcher.

The biggest name among the rest is 26th round pick Jared Pagett, whom Baseball America ranked as the 120th best prospect coming into the draft. He has a strong commit to Mississippi State and is very unlikely to sign.

Other high school players with strong commits and are unlikely to sign are 32nd round pick (from Glenbrook South HS) Stadler (Arizona State), 36th round pick Alonzo Jones (Vanderbilt) and 40th round pick DeRenzo (Oklahoma).

Other interesting names taken on Day 3 of the draft.

12. Higgins. Decent hit tool. Part-time catcher. Cubs seem likely to make that full-time.

13. Twomey. A 3rd round pick 3 years ago. Thin, never filled out. Disappointing college career.

18. Cresto. Great athlete. Clean swing. Lots of projection here. Santa Clara commit.

24. Whiting. Short switch-hitting infielder. Baseball smarts, grit both go to 11.

39. Kilichowski. Sophomore-eligible at Vandy. Probably tough sign. At least watch him pitch in CWS.

We're getting the news of some players signing this week, such as first-round pick Ian Happ. Some of them will be announced on the Eugene Emeralds roster later today. We'll try to keep as much on the ball with keeping this list up to date as we can.