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Wrigley Field Construction (And Stanley Cup) Update: June 16

In addition to construction activity, we've got photos of the Cup hoopla.

BCB's David Sameshima found quite a bit of activity around Wrigley Field when he arrived Tuesday afternoon:

I arrived early before the start of the game to document activity outside the ballpark. While I was there, news broke that the Stanley Cup would be making a visit to Wrigley before the game. I had to stay, despite the fact that I was not dressed for the dropping temperatures.The Cup arrived at Sheffield and Addison. Patrick Kane actually arrived first, with two unmarked Chicago police cars delivering him, a few minutes before the Blackhawks motorcade arrived. Unfortunately for the crowd, the view of the Cup coming off one of the two team buses was blocked by the second team bus. I was only able to manage to take a photo of a portion of the Cup, between one of the team buses and the parked visiting team bus. Nonetheless, there was an excitement in the crowd, just knowing that the Cup had just gone by us. The best view of the Cup's entry was from the end of the grandstands, along Sheffield Ave.The major change at the ballpark Tuesday was that they are now starting to enclose the back of the right field video board. They are using the same type of panels being used on the back of the left field video board. The back of the left field video has still not been fully enclosed.With the severe storm that hit on Monday night, I also took some photos showing the city's tornado siren. It is located on Waveland Avenue, almost behind the left field video board. It is that white thing, that I think looks like a bird feeder. Now you know where that piercing sound came from, and what that thing is.It was also reported that they are preparing to move the groundskeeper's cottage back to its original location at the ballpark. I went over to take a look, and the cottage has been raised back on wheels. They were connecting the motor when I arrived. 

The groundskeeper's cottage move will happen sometime Thursday. Either David or I, or possibly both of us, will be there to document it with photos.