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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 17

Video board work, painting and preparations to move the groundskeeper's cottage back to the Wrigley site was what was happening Wednesday at the ballpark.

BCB's David Sameshima filed this report on Wednesday afternoon's work on the Wrigley construction project:

They continued to work on enclosing the back of the right field video board. They were also painting the back of the right field bleachers.There are two utility excavation projects still in progress. One is just inside the work gate, at Sheffield and Waveland. The second excavation is on Waveland Avenue, just east of Kenmore, along the exterior bleacher wall.They were working to prepare for the upcoming move of the grounds keeper's cottage, back to it's original location next to the ballpark. They were dismantling the VIP/Player's Parking Tent. They had already attached the wheels and motor to the cottage.

I went to Wrigley Field Thursday morning to document the move of the groundskeeper's cottage back to the Wrigley footprint. Mike Bojanowski joined me there. David also went by the ballpark, after I was there, and we'll have a complete photoset, along with video, of the cottage move, here tomorrow.