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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 19

Much work on the outer walls of the bleachers was going on Friday afternoon.

I arrived to see a line of coach buses parked outside of the ballpark. The line of buses extended east, along Addison Ave, past the CTA Red Line station. I believe there were buses parked east of Wilton Ave too. The marquee explained it all. was on the message board. It was a private event for them.They have completed enclosing the back face of the right field video board. The south and north ends are still exposed. New iron gates have been installed in the side gates along Sheffield and Waveland. They match the gates installed at the main bleacher entrance. Previously, roll up garage style gates were used at these side gates in the downstairs concourse of the bleachers.They continued to work on the two excavation projects outside of the bleachers. The one on Waveland Avenue, behind the left field video board, appears to be a rather major project. The one at Sheffield and Waveland doesn't appear to be nearly as extensive.The groundskeeper's cottage is still waiting to be shifted back, next to the ballpark. Rails have been set up, to expedite the upcoming shift. The frame is back up for the VIP/Players parking tent, which was taken down for the cottage move on Thursday.

We'll have more photos here tomorrow.