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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 20

It was a fairly quiet Saturday at the ballpark.

BCB's David Sameshima found not too much activity at Wrigley Field Saturday afternoon, but still enough things to file this report:

I arrived on the Waveland Avenue side today. I first looked over at the groundskeeper's cottage. It is still in the same position that it was in on Friday. They have not yet returned it to its original position alongside the ballpark. The VIP/Players' tent has almost been restored back to its original condition. That will be necessary by Monday as the homestand begins.I could hear activity taking place inside the bleachers, but it was pretty quiet out on the streets. They are almost done enclosing the back of the right field video board. The west face of the left field video board is still exposed.Wrigley Field was open for tours on Saturday.

Neither David nor I will be able to visit Wrigley Field on Sunday, and it doesn't seem likely there will be much going on, anyway. This series will resume later in the week.