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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 22

Brickwork and excavations continued on a very windy afternoon Monday.

They have almost completed enclosing the back of the right field video board. Interestingly, the only face still exposed is the same face that is still exposed on the left field video board. Looking at the front face of the board, it the the left side of both video boards that has been left uncovered.They appear to be busy on the Sheffield Avenue side, finishing the right field "tunnel" inside the exterior bleacher wall. Concrete blocks and bricks are still piled up on Sheffield. There was a forklift busy shuttling bricks inside.Work on the utility excavations at Sheffield and Waveland, and at Waveland and Kenmore continue. There was a concrete truck working at the Waveland/Kenmore site.The groundskeeper's cottage has been slid back over to its original location next to the ballpark. There was also a small crowd outside of the VIP/Player's parking tent, hoping to get an autograph.When I arrived, there was a group waiting for one of the Wrigley Field tours. The group was directed over to Gate D, where they would enter and begin the tour.It was very windy, blowing straight out at the ballpark. The wind blew my hat off right after I arrived. Employees had to pick up the barricades set up outside of Gate D, when the wind knocked them down. The wind was also blowing up the tarps, set up along the outer edge of the left field bleachers.

With better weather this week, the crews should be able to get quite a bit of work done. The only time construction work hours will conflict with a game is Thursday afternoon. After that the Cubs will be out of town for a week, during which work completing the bleacher concourses should be finished in time for the Cubs' "grand opening," scheduled for July 3.