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White Sox Radio Deal Likely Means New Cubs Radio Home

Sox baseball is moving in 2016. Cubs broadcasts could be, too.

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As forecast by many here earlier this year, the Chicago White Sox will be changing radio stations for 2016. Via Chicago media reporter/critic Robert Feder (Link might be behind paywall):

In a crosstown radio coup, White Sox baseball will air on WLS AM 890 starting next season, sources said Tuesday.

Agreement on a six-year deal between the team and the Cumulus Media news/talk station is expected to be finalized this week, according to insiders. Financial terms are not known.

WLS beat out two other 50,000-watt AM stations, including CBS Radio sports/talk WSCR AM 670, which has been the radio home of the White Sox since 2006. Also vying for the broadcast rights was Tribune Media news/talk WGN AM 720.

The Cubs, as you know, signed a longterm deal with CBS Radio last year, with games currently being carried on WBBM-AM 780. However, with the White Sox moving off all-sports The Score (WSCR), it would make sense for CBS to move Cubs games there. Feder writes:

With the White Sox leaving The Score after the current season, CBS Radio is all but certain to move the Cubs to The Score. After WGN severed its historic association with the Cubs last year, CBS Radio signed the team to a seven-year deal now in effect on Newsradio WBBM AM 780. The contract allows a one-time relocation to The Score in 2016.

Presuming this is done, that would mean vastly expanded airtime available for Cubs-related broadcasts, including pre- and post-game shows that are currently given somewhat short shrift on all-news WBBM. For those who have been waiting for more local Cubs radio coverage, it would appear that you have to wait only until the start of the 2016 season.