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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 24

More work on the video boards and exterior walls.

BCB's David Sameshima visited the area around Wrigley Field and has photos of both the construction and the pre-game scene around the ballpark.

It appears that the back of the right field video board is about to be enclosed. There was only one panel left to be installed. The west face of the left field video board is still exposed.I took a lot of photos along Sheffield and Waveland, to show what it looks like behind the bleachers. As you can see, work continues. It won't be much longer for the essentials of the bleacher work to be completed. It might still be a while until Waveland and Sheffield can be reopened. They will still need to use a portion of the street as a construction staging area, as they build out the interior portion of the bleachers, as well as continue other construction around the ballpark.

David will be at Thursday's game, though not in the bleachers. We'll have more photos tomorrow including some of the progress in the triangle lot.