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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 25

An update mainly on the triangle lot, and activity surrounding Thursday's game.

BCB's David Sameshima attended Thursday's Cubs/Dodgers game and took some photos of the construction, as well as some other things happening around Wrigley Field.

I was kindly invited to the game by a friend. He also extended an invitation to join him in the Audi Club before the game. I would like to thank Frank, and his lovely granddaughters, for their hospitality. As a result I did not have much time to photograph the triangle lot before the game. I only managed to take a few photos.I did stay around for a bit after the game. As it was getaway day for both teams, there were Illinois State Police escort cars for both team buses. As I understand, it is up to individual teams to request a police escort to the airport. The teams must also pay the state for this service.The privacy curtain is still being used on Waveland Avenue, for players walking across to the VIP/Player's parking tent. In this case, the curtain was being used as players had to cross the street, to board the team buses. Some fans line up outside of Gate F, hoping to get an autograph there. They also had barricades set up between the two team buses, where fans could line up for autographs. I didn't stay around long enough to see if any players signed.I also saw that construction workers were still on site, waiting for the ballpark to be cleared. They were waiting to get back to work.

One week from today, the bleachers will have a "grand opening" as the lower concourse is scheduled to be finished by then.