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What Will The Cubs Do On International Free Agent Signing Day?

International Free Agents can sign on July 2. Kiley McDaniel ended the need for homework.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

One of my fascinations about the current Collective Bargaining Agreement is pretty much anything IFA-related. International Free Agency season runs from July 2 through the middle of the month.

Nobody can sign until 7/2, and then reports of signings will start like a spring rain. A few drops at first, then a bit of a flurry, then, constant pitter-patters on my Twitter feed. Okay, so the analogy got away from me. However, we have you covered here at Bleed Cubbie Blue on international signings.

Or, at least, we're willing to point to Kiley McDaniel, who likely has the best IFA sorter in the business.

I appreciate it when a professional does a better job on something than I could even contemplate. The Cubs aren't poised with many options at the very top of the list. However, preferencing 16-year-olds at how well they will hit major league pitching isn't an accepted science. Offering $10 million (pre-tax penalty) is kind of a gamble, especially without the Dodgers' massive financial heft.

As for which guys I'm most in favor of the Cubs plucking, I don't have any specifics, yet. That said, bring them on. A team is largely as good as its coaching, scouting, and talent. If the first two are under control, the third should follow. The Cubs were unable to challenge for prime options last year. This year, they figure to blast through their limit by about July tenth. Or sooner.

By the way, you're welcome for my torching four or five hours away of your weekend.