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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 2, Part 2

Here's another set of photos from the ballpark on Tuesday.

I ended up making two visits to Wrigley on Tuesday. My schedule had me passing by Wrigley in the morning, and again in the afternoon. It was a very active scene during my morning visit. They were scrolling through many sponsor and personal messages on the marquee. One of their tasks this morning was to list all the Chicago area Toyota dealers on the marquee. I saw someone who was probably working for the Cubs photographing all the messages.Clark Street was more active than usual. Due to the work they are doing, equipment was working near the construction drive through lane along Clark Street. As a result they had to open the access gates along Clark Street, to allow dump trucks access to the work site. They had one of the concrete boom transfer trucks working along Clark Street. The truck had to deploy those side bracing devices. As a result, they had to work in the space by one of the open work gates, since the support brace had to extend out into Clark Street. An excavating machine also had to operate from the drive-though lane,= along Clark Street. In addition to the work in the triangle lot, there was utility work taking place out on the street, at Waveland and Clark. On Sheffield Avnue, they are now working on enclosing the back of the right field video board. Bracing, similar to that already seen on the left field side, is now appearing in back of the right field board. There has been additional work on the left field board, but it has not yet been enclosed.During my second visit, the gate to the Players/VIP parking lot was partially open. I was surprised to see only a handful of non-exotic cars parked inside. With the team on a road trip, I expected to see some players' cars inside.I also saw some type of framework set up in the right-center field bleachers (photos 30 and 31). It appears to be some type of framework for construction, and not actually a permanent structure. Not quite sure what this is for.

David did make a trip to Wrigley Wednesday, so we'll have more photos here tomorrow.