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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 4

New walls and staircases marked Thursday's work at Wrigley.

BCB's David Sameshima paid a late-afternoon visit to Wrigley Field Thursday and filed this report, with a correction to what he assumed on Wednesday:

I was incorrect about the advertising sign, in left field. It must have only been a mockup. The pop bottle sign in now gone, but the ribbons remain attached to the other two posts. I wonder if this means that they are getting close to signing an advertiser.A wall is beginning to go up around the new stairs that are still being built in the right field corner. This will make it look like how it was after the 2005-06 bleacher expansion project. They are close to completing the exterior bleacher wall, along Sheffield Avenue.There are concession stands now lined up along the back of the right field bleachers, awaiting installation. I see that some have inquired about the "Platform 14" area behind the center field scoreboard. I took some photos from the street to show what this area currently looks like. The center of this area was untouched by the offseason construction, as it contains the accessible restroom, elevator and frozen drink stand that where only built during the 2005-2006 project. The new "Platform 14" facilities will most likely be built on both sides of this center structure.

We'll have more photos here tomorrow.