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Cub Tracks Has An Undisputed Leader

Draft day's coming tomorrow. Who will the Cubs pick? They're starting to establish themselves in the league with Anthony Rizzo as a team leader. And what happens when you put a mirror in the jungle?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, Russ is away at a basketball officiating camp this weekend, so I'm filling in. (Beginning to wonder about this officiating thing. Think we could get Russ to go to umpire school instead?)

From Comcast SportsNet Chicago:


From ESPN Chicago:

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From Chicago Cubs Online:

  • Christian Villanueva's bat is on fire. (Well, not literally.) Could this mean a callup this summer?
  • Chris Kulawik wonders what the cost would be, in players, to acquire Jonathan Papelbon. (I'd ask whether the Cubs even would want him.)
  • The Cubs are among three teams being "aggressive" on Rafael Soriano.

From Cubs Insider:


Today's food for thought: