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Wrigley Field Construction Update: June 6

It was a quiet Saturday for the construction crews at Wrigley Field.

BCB's David Sameshima made another late-day visit to Wrigley Field on Saturday and filed this report:

It was another late day visit to the ballpark. It was during my visit, that it appeared that work crews were checking out for the day. The only change I noticed was that part of the Waveland Avenue sidewalk, just outside the exterior bleacher wall, was excavated. I should point out, that even when the the right field bleachers are reopened, there is still work to outside the bleachers. The sidewalks and streets need to be rebuilt. Expect Sheffield and Waveland to be remain blocked off for some time.

David's not available to go to the ballpark on Sunday. Given the weather forecast for today, it doesn't seem likely much work will get done, and I'm not excited about the idea of standing out in the rain to take photos.

Thus, this series will resume with photos taken on Monday, posted sometime Tuesday.