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Chicago Cubs vs. Detroit Tigers Preview, Tuesday 6/9, 6:08 CT

The Cubs will play their first 2015 game in an American League Park tonight.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, "6:08." (Or, in reality, 7:08 Detroit time.)

I have asked the managers over at SBN's Tigers site, Bless You Boys, why the odd starting time, and both of them answered:


As if anyone would notice if they said "7:05" and the first pitch happened a couple of minutes later. Or why they don't just move it to 7:10, as quite a number of other teams have, if squeezing more ads into the TV broadcasts is the point.

You might recall that the White Sox had 7:11 as a starting time for a year or two, but they were getting paid by the 7-11 company for doing that. Not very much, as I recall, which is why that sponsorship eventually ended.

So this is a mystery that might never be solved.

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Cubs lineup:

Fowler CF, Rizzo 1B, Bryant 3B, Montero DH, Denorfia LF, Castro SS, Lake RF, Ross C, Russell 2B

Tigers lineup:

Davis CF, Kinsler 2B, Cabrera 1B, Cespedes LF, J.D. Martinez RF, Castellanos DH, McCann C, Wilson 3B, Iglesias SS

We are used to seeing a McCann catching -- Brian McCann, who used to be with the Braves. This is James McCann, who is in his first full year in the majors and who took over from the injured Alex Avila. The two McCanns are not related, as far as I know.

Today's Starting Pitchers

Jon Lester

Jon Lester


vs. Anibal Sanchez

Anibal Sanchez


vs. Det


vs. Cubs

The Detroit Tigers have been one of Jon Lester's particular nemeses for most of his career. In nine starts he has a 4.83 ERA and 1.648 WHIP against them and nine home runs allowed in 54 innings. His teams have won only three of the nine starts. Current members of the Tigers have hit six home runs off him in 140 at-bats, and Miguel Cabrera is hitting .522 (12-for-23) against him with four doubles and one of the homers. Clearly, we are doomed.

Or not, because Anibal Sanchez, a one-time Cubs free-agent target, is having a horrific year. I mean, he's had a couple of good starts, including this one where he allowed the Yankees only one hit in 6⅓ innings (and the Tigers bullpen blew the game) and this one, eight solid innings against the Twins. But since that May 14 start vs. the Twins, Sanchez has a 7.71 ERA and 1.543 WHIP and seven (!) home runs allowed in 23⅓ innings. Current Cubs are a small-sample-size 12-for-61 (.197) against Sanchez with two home runs (Anthony Rizzo and David Ross).

Today's game is on CSN Chicago. In most of the USA this game will also be seen on MLB Network. Check your local cable/satellite listings.

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today. Gameday game preview

SB Nation game preview

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