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Wrigley Field Construction Update: July 19

Sheffield is being resurfaced... and it's pretty narrow.

BCB's David Sameshima visited the area around Wrigley Field Sunday afternoon and found quite a few changes, especially to the roadways surrounding the park.

I did have some time to stop by the ballpark. It was quite busy outside the ballpark. Addison is still restricted to one lane in each direction at Sheffield. They did create a temporary pedestrian path along the north sidewalk on Addison. This path was right in the middle of the construction area.There was additional traffic in the area due to Sausagefest. This is a local festival, which has been taking place on the 3600 block of Sheffield the last few years. This year, due to the construction, it was relocated to the Cubby Bear parking lot. I didn't realize the fest was still taking place, so I was surprised to see activity in the area, on a Sunday afternoon.As my photos illustrate, there was a lot of work being done out on the street, particularly at the corners of Addison and Sheffield, and Sheffield and Waveland. This makes sense, as the priority would be to fully reopen up those intersections before the Cubs return home this week. I don't know if all of Sheffield Avenue will be ready by Friday.Waveland Avenue appears to still be an open trench toward the west end. There is just a huge pile on dirt, on the east end. So it might still be a while until Waveland reopens.

We'll have more photos here before the Cubs return home to face the Phillies on Friday.