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Wrigley Field Construction Update: July 22

With just a couple of days to go before baseball again at Wrigley, much was going on around the ballpark on Wednesday afternoon.

BCB's David Sameshima found lots of activity around Wrigley Field on Wednesday's visit.

It does appear that they will be ready to reopen Sheffield before the home game this Friday. They were almost done, laying down asphalt on the street. The sidewalk appears to be done. They were working on reinstalling pavement bricks along the plaza portion of the space, at Sheffield and Addison. Still a large dirt pile on the Waveland Ave side of the main bleacher gate.It is not clear, looking at these photos, but the Sheffield and Waveland intersection is still closed to traffic. The asphalt had just been laid, and there was still some work to complete in the intersection. This is still an active work zone. The back of the left field video board has now been fully enclosed. The one panel is still missing along the side of the right field video board.They are still doing more utility work on Waveland, in the left field corner. While I was there, they were still digging out more dirt. It will still be a while until Waveland is ready to reopen to traffic.I also noticed that the light pole at the corner of Waveland and Seminary, in front of the firehouse, is now at an angle. It must have been hit by a truck.Peoples Gas has started new utility work, along the southwest corner of Clark and Waveland. The work is directly in front of Bernie's Tavern, along both streets. This caused Clark Street to be reduced to one lane. Flag persons were positioned to allow traffic to move in one direction at a time.The electronic display board, under the marquee, was still missing some lights. I also spotted the Billy Williams promo statues piled up, just inside of Gate F. There were also a number of plants lined up next to the statue boxes.

David visited Wrigley Field on Thursday and took photos of a special addition to the area landscape -- not inside Wrigley but something visible from within, and a blast from the past. That's a tease! You'll see what that is here tomorrow.