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Wrigley Field Construction Update: July 23

The ballpark area is starting to look complete, though there's still work to be done.

BCB's David Sameshima paid one more pre-homestand visit to the ballpark and filed this report:

I arrived at noon, so that is why you don't see any workers in most of my photos. Most of them were having lunch. This explains the lack of activity, when one would expect a lot of work taking place on the day before the Cubs return to Wrigley. It was nice to see that the marquee electronic display appears to be fully functioning again. The bent light pole at Waveland and Seminary has been replaced. The city work crew was just leaving, when I arrived. The Peoples Gas utility work at Waveland and Clark has been covered up, by steel plates. Addison is now fully open at Sheffield. This is only temporary, as there is a portion of Addison that is still not level with the rest of the street. I was surprised to see that it appears that Sheffield Avenue will not be fully open, on Friday. There is still a section in the middle of the block, where the street is still missing the asphalt surface. The sidewalk has also not been completed in this middle of the block. It only has a gravel top layer. It looked like they were installing work gates, at both ends of the uncompleted street. The south and north ends of Sheffield have been opened up, and crews were removing the construction fences.

It should be a lot easier to make your way around Wrigley now that Sheffield has been at least partly reopened. The narrow sidewalk that made things crowded last homestand has now been reopened. We'll continue to update the construction project as it continues the rest of the summer, and should have more photos here tomorrow.