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Wrigley Field Construction Update: July 26

In which we see exactly how the video board nets are secured.

Instead of construction work, BCB's David Sameshima found some interesting activity inside the ballpark related to the two new video boards.

I didn't think there would be anything worth photographing. I was running on errands nearby, so I just decided to stop by. I visited with some of the ballhawks on Waveland Avenue. I was about to leave when I spotted some grounds crew gathering under the west end of the left-field video board. I decided to stay to see how they now secured the protective net that is moved aside after batting practice.It appears that they are still improvising a method to secure the net when it's gathered to the side of the board. From what I could see, they simply tie off the line for the net to the rail in the back row of the bleachers. If you sit in this area, in back of the left-field bleachers, expect to have to get out of the way when it comes time to secure the net.As I was leaving the ballpark, I then spotted the grounds crew working on securing the protective net in front of the right field board. I was surprised to see this was taking place just before first pitch. They were still working on it after the game started.I was then surprised to see that the city Traffic Management Authority (TMA) workers had blocked off westbound traffic on Addison Street at Sheffield Avenue. They were only allowing the buses from the remote parking lot, and CTA buses, to pass. Westbound Addison traffic was being diverted south on Sheffield. This resulted in traffic backing up in all directions. It became near gridlock.As I was walking away, I saw that the traffic aides had started removing the traffic cones. Westbound Addison traffic was now open again, and traffic began to move in all directions again. Not sure what the street closure was supposed to accomplish, other to back up traffic in all directions.

If I may, a few comments on that "line" holding the LF net in place. That doesn't seem too secure, does it? Right next to where fans are sitting? Seems to me they're going to have to devise a better method for deploying this net and putting it away.

We'll continue to update as conditions warrant. It appears that Sheffield might re-open by the next homestand. Waveland -- that's another story, it's still pretty dug up.