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Wrigley Field Construction Update: July 27

A little bit different view of things related to the construction project.

I did end up traveling by the ballpark. Again, I did not really expect to find anything interesting to photograph. The first thing I saw was a dust cloud on Clark Street outside of the triangle lot. The first photo in today's sequence is hazy, as a result of the dust hovering in the air on Clark. I then noticed that the electronic display under the marquee, was acting up again. There were gaps again where the display was not illuminating complete letters.As I made my way around the ballpark, Austin Kakert spotted me. Austin is the BCB reader who did all the work of establishing a Go Fund Me fundraising campaign for me. This was when my camera and lens were wrecked in an accident on Sheffield Avenue just outside the ballpark. This was back in April just before the season started. Again, my thanks to Austin for doing this, and to all those who contributed to this fund. I was able to successfully replace my camera/lens combination, and even had enough to make an upgrade to what I had. Thank you all again!Austin had a bleacher ticket, so I waited with him in line. We ended up having a great conversation while we waited. Thanks for that. He was one of those who stayed for the whole game so I am glad he was rewarded with the amazing comeback win.Just as I was planning to leave, I spotted an interesting t-shirt. Then I saw that there was a group,wearing the same shirt. There was a man speaking to the group, like a tour guide. When he was done, I inquired about the shirt. He explained that he was leading a group of interns that worked for the architectural firm that is working on the Wrigley renovation project. I explained to him why I was asking. One of the interns then told me that they were looking at my photos on BCB to get updates on what was going on when they could not get to the ballpark. Glad I could help.The group was going to be attending the game in the bleachers. I hope they were able to stick around and enjoy the outcome.When I was finally leaving, I saw more concrete trucks heading toward the ballpark. Two trucks were heading east on Waveland and then turning south on Clark. This was an hour before the game, and they were still busy pouring concrete in the triangle lot. Tough day for the concrete truck drivers, driving through ballpark traffic just before the game.

As some of you have noted (see photo 3), I'd think the Cubs will eventually replace this part of the sign with an LED display.

Regarding the T-shirts, it wasn't just interns wearing those T-shirts, it was quite a number of people from that architectural firm; I saw probably more than 100 of them in the bleachers and they closed off the upper center-field seats for this group. The T-shirt had the "Under Cubstruction" logo that the Cubs are using around the ballpark, on the front. (I'd love one of those shirts!)