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Wrigley Field Construction Update: July 2

Final preparations for Platform 14, and the opening of the lower bleacher concourse.

BCB's David Sameshima returned to Wrigley Field Thursday and found quite a bit of work had been done since the previous day.

I was running errands Thursday afternoon and passing by Wrigley Field when I spotted the work taking place behind the marquee. I stopped to take some photos before continuing on my errands. I later returned to take a full set of photos around the ballpark. This explains the gap between the times listed on my photos. My thanks to Mike Bojanowski too. When I made my second visit to Wrigley, Mike walked up to me. He was just completing his walk around the ballpark and pointed out some items of note to me.I hope someone with the Cubs did notice that June promotions were still being displayed on the marquee. This is now July. They have completed tearing up Sheffield Avenue, so it now awaits resurfacing. For those going to the game Friday, please be aware of the new construction fence arrangements on the south end of Sheffield. It will be a bit more congested compared to the last homestand.The big surprise was the arrival of the new concession stands up in the bleachers. They appear to have completed the new concession stands in the back of the right field bleachers, under the right field porch. A bigger surprise was that it appears that "Platform 14," above the main bleacher gate has been completed. They have signs listing some of the menu items above the windows. The stands appear not to take up half of the patio space. There is an overhang, that extends over the front of the new stands. This overhang is what appears to extend out to half way point, of the patio.Back on the ground, the new ticket sign which appeared Wednesday is now gone. This had been above the windows that are on the Waveland Avenue side of the main bleacher gate. A work crew was just beginning to put up bunting, for the bleacher grand reopening ceremony scheduled for today. As I made my way down Waveland, I saw that bunting had already been put up along the back of the left field bleachers. There is now a dumpster parked outside of the groundskeeper's cottage.

The concourse underneath the bleachers is supposed to be open for Friday's game. We'll have photos of that area here tomorrow.