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MLB Bullets Says Goodbye To Old Friends

The wildest trade deadline in memory. Maybe ever. And it's not over yet. Also, why do managers wear uniforms? A major minor league record is about to fall.

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Jeffrey Phelps/Getty Images

I'm going to issue a preemptive apology, even though I know most of you don't really care. Three times a week, I try to sum up what's going on in the baseball internets over the past two days. I try to have some sort of flow from story to story so that it's more like reading a report than just a bunch of collected links.

But today, it's just impossible. So much has gone down on the trade deadline that there is no way I can "sum up the internet" without writing something the length and complexity of Game of Thrones. It's probably the wildest trade deadline in memory, although we'll have to wait until Monday's Bullets to find out what the final tally is. But I think I did a solid job anyway with what I had to work with.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. Because I'll be off "hug watch."