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July 4 Wrigley Field Fireworks

This Wrigley Field postgame first was enjoyed by fans both inside and outside the ballpark.

Instead of a construction update today, we have some fireworks photos from BCB's David Sameshima.

I went to the ballpark and hung out with the ballhawks on Waveland Avenue for most of the game. I was there when Kris Bryant hit his first home run. It hit the back fence on the bleacher patio, in front of the ballhawks, and stayed in the park. A fan walking by was able to scoop up the ball as it rolled around on the patio.A notice from the alderman's office had advised that "The fireworks will be internal to the ballpark and views will be very limited from the outside." I couldn't see how one could really limit fireworks, but it was to a certain degree. My photos clearly indicate that I could see the display, from outside the ballpark. I was out on Waveland near the firehouse. This might have been the only location outside where you could see a substantial portion of the display. The fireworks were going up directly above the ballpark, and weren't elevating that high. It must have looked spectacular, from inside. The video boards and the scoreboard were probably blocking the view from those sides of the ballpark.Where I was standing, it was a wonderful view. There was probably a decent view from the ballhawks corner (Waveland and Kenmore) too. Before the show started, I noticed that some were lining up in front of the firehouse. Probably not the best idea. A photographer friend had set up closer to the firehouse, and heard the alarm go off inside, minutes before the show started. He later told me that he heard the paramedics gripe about how they were now going to miss the display. A firefighter started to clear the front of the firehouse with a flashlight, to clear the path for the ambulance.I am curious how much of the display from visible from the rest of the neighborhood. I was just happy that I had chosen a good vantage point to catch the fireworks from out on the street.