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Wrigley Field Construction Update: July 5

Not much construction activity on a holiday weekend, but we do have new photos of the triangle lot.

BCB's David Sameshima attended Sunday's game, so we have some photos of both the construction work and activity surrounding the ballgame.

I was in the grandstand Sunday, in the left field corner. I took the opportunity to take some photos of the triangle lot. I arrived just before gates opened to still find a small crowd outside of the players' parking lot, hoping to get an autograph.Once inside I did roam around a bit along the left field side. I never did make it over to the right field side. I spotted a new looking fence that was blocking off a small space in the far left field corner in back of the grandstand. Very odd. The only public elevator that was in the grandstands prior to the current construction project is still closed off. I did notice the color guard detail rehearsing before the game.I went to the back row of the upper deck to check out the view of the triangle lot. The view is actually limited by the overhang of the lower grandstand level. I did notice how low the protective netting hangs if you stand in the back row.Before the game, quite a few social media announcements were appearing on the left field video board. They were listing the social media listing of players and of manager Joe Maddon. During the lineup introduction Cubs player autographs are displayed on the right field video board.Previously, I had photographed the left field video board displaying the right field video board, after the seventh-inning stretch. Budweiser sponsors the stretch, so they were showing the company logo atop the right field board. At today's game, the left field video board showed the company logo in center field. This must be the arrangement that the company is using this season, instead of just displaying their logo directly on the video board.After the game, I had to meet someone outside of Gate D. I was surprised to see the very long winding line for the remote parking lot shuttle buses. The pick up point is on Addison outside of the Captain Morgan Club. The line stretched down Addison, and then north along Sheffield, all the way to the visiting team buses. The line then wound back south, back toward the front of the line. Sunday was also when they had kids running the bases after the game, so they were prepared to run buses later than they normally would to accommodate the crowd leaving later. Still, the visiting team motorcade left while a large crowd was still in line for the shuttle buses.

David will be at tonight's game in the bleachers and we'll have photos of that coming soon. (Possibly delayed past tomorrow because of the doubleheader.)