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MLB Bullets Is Seeing Red

The trade deadline approaches and the rumors start to fly. Looking ahead to the second half of the season. Stepping out for coffee.

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Rant time. I've been making snide comments about the All-Star Game and I think I should explain why I don't cover it more. I don't mind the game itself, although the stupid "this time it counts" crap detracts from what should be a fun exhibition game. If we didn't lionize Pete Rose destroying Ray Fosse's career to win a meaningless exhibition game (that he probably had money riding on), then maybe we wouldn't care so much about the players giving 85% in the ASG.

What I absolutely can't stand is the inane debates about who should and who shouldn't be on the team. First of all, no one has ever defined how the All-Star teams should be composed, so anyone saying "Joe Shlabotnik should be an All-Star" is not going to convince anyone who doesn't already agree with the criteria the first person has left unsaid in their head. A lot of people seem to think the All-Star Team should be made up exclusively of the players having the best first half of the season, in which case I'm not sure why they don't call it "The Small Sample Size Game."

But then that argument spills over into who isn't on the team, and then the whole process becomes about who was "snubbed." The All-Star Game has become more about who's being insulted rather than who's being honored. Not everyone can make the team, and even then, once the game begins, it becomes about who got "snubbed" because they didn't get into the game. (The Hall of Fame has the exact same problem.)

Honestly, it's stupid and I don't need it. I'm now realizing that I probably should have saved all this for a separate off-day article, but to wrap up, if you're interested in the ASG rosters, click here.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.