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MLB Announces 2015 Postseason Schedule

For the first time in seven years, this is of interest to us as Cubs fans!

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Monday afternoon, Major League Baseball announced its postseason schedule for this year.

Postseason. Doesn't that sound good? And the Cubs have a very good chance at participating in the annual October tournament.

Here's the entire schedule, which apart from the wild-card games I have placed here directly from MLB's press release, primarily to save me time in retyping the whole thing. These dates and times are all, of course, subject to change.

The American League wild-card game will be Tuesday, October 6, televised by ESPN. The National League wild-card game (the one the Cubs could very well be in) will be Wednesday, October 7, televised by TBS. No times are listed for those games but it's very likely they would be at 7 p.m. CT. If any regular-season tiebreakers are needed, they would be played Monday, October 5 and televised by ESPN.

Here's the rest of the schedule (click each graphic to embiggen). Since the Cubs are likely to be the wild card, they would play the team with the best record in the Division Series, so they would be "Series A":

division series 2015

league championship series 2015

world series 2015