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Cub Tracks Recaps The Trade Deadline

Another year's trading deadline has come and gone, and reactions range from optimistic to "meh" to Morrissey. Plus potential August moves, reunited castmates, Grimm by the numbers, and a night sky bonus in Sunday's Cub Tracks.

Someone Photoshop a Cub hat on this guy, stat!
Someone Photoshop a Cub hat on this guy, stat!
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So how many other people here spent all day Friday watching Twitter on their monitor? I can't have been the only one. C'mon, raise your hands... it's okay to admit it.

From Comcast SportsNet Chicago:


From ESPN Chicago:

From CBS Chicago:

From the Chicago Tribune:

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

From the Daily Herald:

From Cubs Den:

From Bleacher Nation:

From Cubs Insider:

Today's food for thought: