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Cubs Send Postseason Invoices To Season-Ticket Holders

It's happening.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With 44 games still remaining in the 2015 season, the Cubs began sending out playoff ticket invoices to season-ticket holders Thursday.

Teams have to do this because everything of this nature has to be completed well in advance of any postseason games actually being played. Here's the pricing chart for postseason games for season-ticket holders (click to embiggen):

postseason prices 2015

An interesting note from the Cubs: postseason pricing for daily plan season-ticket holders is described as giving "a discounted rate compared to single-game postseason purchasers." That, I believe, is a first; in the past, postseason pricing has been the same for everyone (except that single-game purchasers had to pay online fees).

Holders of the combination (weekend/night game) package got good news with their invoices. Those season-ticket holders had been promised two games per round; with their invoices they have been given "all" Division Series games, though that wouldn't really make any difference unless the Cubs somehow win the N.L. Central, in which case they'd get three potential Division Series home games. Otherwise the Cubs will have just two possible Division Series home games if they're a wild card and win the wild-card game.

Holders of the old Double Play (Wed. & Fri. day games) Plan, which is no longer being sold but existing holders were grandfathered, will get one game per round and all holders of that plan are being relocated to the bleachers for the postseason.

If a regular-season tiebreaker game is needed, the Cubs say:

Daily and Combination Plan Season Ticket Holders already have a tiebreaker game ticket in their Season Ticket booklet available for purchase for each seat held during the regular season.

If a tiebreaker game appears likely, an email will be sent in advance of the game with a separate invoice directing you to Any tickets not paid for by the date listed on the tiebreaker invoice will be voided, removed from your account and made available for sale to the general public.

Payment is due by 5 p.m. CT on Tuesday, September 8, so I'd guess any sale of postseason tickets to the general public would happen within a week or so after that date.

Now let's hope we actually need to use these tickets. All of them.