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Interesting Jake Arrieta No-Hitter Facts

Here are some cool things surrounding Jake Arrieta's no-hitter, the first for the Cubs in seven years.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I love the way Jake Arrieta's no-hitter is being referred to as "his first no-hitter." As if everyone is certain that he'll throw another one. Given the number of times he's taken a no-hitter into the seventh inning, it's entirely possible. If you (like most of us) were watching the ESPN broadcast, you might not have heard Pat Hughes' radio call. Here it is:

As you no doubt know, Jake's is the first for the Cubs since Carlos Zambrano threw one against the Astros in Milwaukee two weeks short of seven years ago. An interesting fact about Big Z's no-no is that it was (and still is) the only no-hitter thrown at a neutral site.

Among other interesting facts surrounding Jake's no-no is that it's the 293rd no-hitter in major-league history (249th in the "modern era" beginning in 1900). And yes, the Wikipedia article on no-hitters was updated with Jake's in less than an hour after it happened. Arrieta's no-hitter is the first ever televised by ESPN on its Sunday Night Baseball franchise. The Wikipedia entry for Sunday Night Baseball is incorrect -- Zambrano's no-no was not televised on Sunday Night Baseball. In fact, the Cubs and WGN had to get special permission to carry that game, since it was taking place at the same time as SNB. It was televised only in the Chicago market, though ESPN did pick up the last inning of WGN's coverage. (Anyone here have a Wikipedia account? Feel free to edit that entry.)

Jake's gem was also the second no-hitter thrown against the Dodgers in nine days -- that's a National League record. The previous record, 20 days, was held by the Cubs, in 1965, when Jim Maloney no-hit them August 19, and Sandy Koufax threw his perfect game less than three weeks later. That record was tied by the Reds in 1971, when Ken Holtzman of the Cubs no-hit Cincinnati and 20 days later, Rick Wise of the Phillies did the same. That Wise no-hitter is the last time the Reds got no-hit, but the Reds have more than five years to go before they threaten the Cubs' all-time major-league record for most consecutive games without being no-hit, 7,920.

Even that nine days is not the major-league record; the White Sox got no-hit on consecutive days, May 5 and 6, 1917, by the St. Louis Browns. (Not in consecutive games, though; the second one was the second game of a doubleheader.) That didn't seem to bother the White Sox, as they won the World Series that year.

If you were wondering whether a team has ever been no-hit and thrown a no-hitter in the same season, you need go back only to last year. The Phillies were no-hit by Josh Beckett of the Dodgers May 25, 2014, then five Phillies (including Cole Hamels) no-hit the Braves September 1, 2014. It happened in 2013, too: the Giants were no-hit by Homer Bailey of the Reds July 2, 2013, then Tim Lincecum -- the losing pitcher in the Bailey no-no -- no-hit the Padres 11 days later. It also happened in 2010 (Rays), 1991 (Expos and White Sox), 1990 (Athletics and Mariners), 1975 (Angels), 1969 (Astros), 1968 (Giants and Cardinals, who no-hit each other on consecutive days), 1963 (Colt .45s), 1962 (Angels), 1951 (Indians), 1947 (Athletics), 1944 (Braves), 1917 (White Sox), 1915 (Chicago Whales), 1911 (Red Sox), 1910 (Cleveland Naps), 1908 (Red Sox), 1905 (White Sox) and 1891 (Brooklyn).

Beyond the no-hitters, Arrieta has now thrown three complete games this year. The last Cub before this year to throw three CGs in one season was Greg Maddux in 2005. Arrieta also has two complete-game shutouts (and leads the major leagues in that category); the last Cubs pitcher to have two CG shutouts in one season was Kerry Wood in 2003.

As many of you know, BCBer Hammer works at Dodger Stadium for He was in the press box Sunday night and shot this video of the last out on his phone. (I particularly like the matter-of-fact voice announcing the time of the game.)

Here are some more interesting facts about Arrieta's no-hitter and Jake in general, Cubs no-hitters and games, and no-hitters in general, related to Sunday night's game:

And... the 2010s are only half over! This season has brought tremendous excitement in so many areas surrounding the Cubs, and a team that has a chance to do something special in October. Fasten your seat belts, everyone... this ride is likely to get even wilder.