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Wrigley Field Construction Update: August 5

The office building on the triangle lot is beginning to take shape.

BCB's David Sameshima went back to Wrigley Field for the first time in several days to find some major changes happening.

Al let me know that he had heard that the building in the triangle lot was going up. It has been a few days since I have been able to visit the ballpark, so I decided to make a trip on Wednesday. As a result, I was not surprised to see that a structure has gone up in the triangle lot. I was surprised to see that Sheffield Avenue was not yet completed. I expected the street to have been reopened, or being readied to reopen to traffic.The middle of the Sheffield block is still missing the top asphalt layer in the middle of the block. I had expected that this work would have been completed since the last home game. The sidewalk on Sheffield does appear to be finished.There was a comment on my last photoset that the Captain Morgan Club was to be rebranded before the next homestand. I saw no changes to the club, and the signage remains intact.I did walk around the new triangle lot structure, and took photos from many different angles. The work on Waveland Avenue has really advanced. The utility work appears to have been completed, and street is now being prepared to be resurfaced. As a result, the Waveland sidewalk is a real mess. There is work being done along the sidewalk now, which does really narrow at a few points now.Unfortunately this could impact the ballhawks during this homestand. The construction fences have been pushed out at Kenmore and Waveland. They have also installed temporary ADA-compliant gravel ramps, along the curbs at this intersection. They have put up construction cones, and barricades, to mark the temporary accessible crosswalk. This is all in the middle of the prime ballhawking zone.

We'll continue to update the Wrigley construction project as it continues through this season, and then into the offseason.