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Wrigley Field Construction Update: August 6

The "triangle building" begins to take shape, and updates on other things happening around Wrigley.

Here is BCB's David Sameshima's report from Thursday night, when he took quite a number of photos of the triangle lot, which now has the beginnings of the structure for the building that's going to be on the north end of that lot.

I was invited to Thursday night's game by a friend who has seats in the left field corner. Usually I arrive very early before the game, but for this one, I arrived just before game time. As a result, my opportunity to photograph the triangle lot was just as the sun was going down. Between photographing into the sun, and the limited spots where I could shoot through the chain link fence, my shooting angles were very restricted. The quality of these photos will not be up to what I usually post here. Just wanted to let you know that nothing is wrong with your screen. In addition, I also took some photos after the game. Most of these photos had to be taken with my compact camera, since I had to shoot through the small gaps in the chain link fence. This small camera does not have the ideal sensor for such low light photography.The photos of the triangle lot are pretty self explanatory, so there's nothing for me to add about those photos. I will make a few other comments about other things I saw. For those who have inquired again, the left field grandstand elevator is not yet in service. When I arrived at the ballpark, I did notice Chicago Police officers issuing tickets along Addison Street just in front of the ballpark. It appeared that they were issuing tickets to motorists who were dropping off passengers. I just got the impression that they were private car company drivers, like Uber. Since I was hurrying to meet my friend who invited me, I wasn't able to stop to take photos.Another thing I will pass along is that the CTA has permanently relocated the bus stops in front of the Red Line train station. During the recent construction work on Addison, I thought the bus stops were temporarily relocated to help traffic flow. Now I see that the bus stop changes are permanent. The eastbound stop is now east of Wilton Street, instead of west of the street. A bus stop shelter still remains at the old stop location. The westbound stop is now east of Wilton, instead of in front of the train station. Unfortunately, the city has not changed the parking signs. The signs still indicate that new bus stop spaces are legal parking spaces. I saw cars with parking tickets, that were parked in the new bus stops. Be careful.I also walked by the ballhawks on Waveland. The photos posted in the previous update are still accurate. The ballhawks have been slightly displaced, by the recent construction changes. Despite this, they were still out there, as I was hurrying to meet my friend.

From what I have been told, the only thing that's on the triangle lot property that is guaranteed to be completed by next spring is the clubhouse, obviously an important part of this project. The office building and other parts of the triangle property will be finished later.