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All Clear After Bomb Threat At Wrigley Field

This is probably not something you thought you'd read about our favorite ballpark.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

About an hour after Sunday's Cubs sweep over the Giants was completed, various beat writers from both Chicago and San Francisco began tweeting that they had been ordered to leave Wrigley Field because of a "credible" bomb threat. No further details were given about this, but an hour or so later an "all clear" was issued and the Cubs sent out this statement by press release:

"Following our game this afternoon, we received a bomb threat and took swift action to clear the few remaining fans, players, staff and media from the ballpark. After a thorough search by law enforcement, no evidence was found to suggest this threat was credible. We take safety at Wrigley Field seriously and are working with law enforcement authorities to pursue the person who initiated this threat."

That's all good news, and obviously no one was hurt and nothing was harmed during this time, but writers were left scrambling to file stories on this topic as well as the game. I think my favorite tweet was this one:

Bruce also tweeted this postmortem:

That's good news as well. I wrote about this because it's a newsworthy item about Wrigley Field. I hope to never have to write about this sort of thing again.