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Wrigley Field Construction Update: Mid-September 2015

Catching up with work at the ballpark.

Many of you have been asking about further updates to the Wrigley Field renovation project. There's been little work on the ballpark itself lately, most of the ongoing work is on the plaza area. BCB's David Sameshima sent me a photoset that includes photos from several days in September, including yesterday.

The first set of photos are from 9-5-15, when I was at the game. I did manage to make it over by the third base concourse, to take some photos of the plaza construction. The second set of photos are from 9-9-15. That is the day that they started to erect the large crane necessary to work on the plaza building. Waveland Ave was temporarily closed, to accommodate the assembly of the crane. The length of the crane was almost the length of the plaza building along Waveland Ave. A Com Ed crew was also on hand to move some of the power lines.The sidewalk was also temporarily closed, due to the Com Ed crew working. As a result, I had to walk around the block to get to the other side of Waveland Ave. It was then that I saw work crews on the north end of the Blue Lot. One crew was trimming branches from the trees that overhand the lot. Other crews were putting up fences around the lot. Not sure what this was all about.The last set of photos are from Thursday, 9-17-15. The plaza building is much higher now. Temporary moveable work fences are up along Waveland Ave. It may be even more congested, trying to get to Gate K now, as construction continues.I saw that there are more spots along the outside of the bleachers were the green paint has been intentionally scraped away. This may upset those of you who were already unhappy with the unpainted portions of the bleachers, and the unfinished surfaces behind the back of the scoreboard. The good news is that it did appear that the elevator accessing the left field porch may now be in service.

Right now, the Cubs' playoff contention and (hopefully) postseason run has taken a lot of my attention. We'll still continue updates here on the construction as warranted.