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Wrigley Field Construction Update: September 20

On a brilliantly-sunny Sunday when everyone was focused on baseball, here's some construction-update photos from around the ballpark.

BCB's David Sameshima was in the right-field bleachers Sunday and while he was at the park, got some good photos of the plaza area, now nearly finished with concrete, as well as some scenes from after Sunday's game.

I was offered a bleacher ticket at the last minute, to Sunday's game, which I gladly accepted. I did manage to make a quick trip over to the third base concourse to take some photos of the plaza.I also stuck around after the game to take some photos around the ballpark, since I did not have any time before the game. It appears that on game days, they are pushing back the temporary construction fences along Waveland Avenue to allow better access to the ballpark. They had the fences circling the crane parked on Waveland and opened up much of the street.While I was taking photos, one of the private ambulances on call outside the ballpark started making an emergency run down Waveland. It was scary to see some pedestrians were not quickly clearing the street, and the staff had to quickly open the privacy curtain that was being used. The ambulance stopped outside of Gate K, but then started down Waveland. Later on, I did see the ambulance parked on the Addison Street side, and then leave with lights and sirens on, heading south on Clark Street.They had the kids running around the bases after the game, so it was a late crowd leaving the ballpark. As a result, there was still a long line for the remote parking lot shuttle buses even an hour after the game ended. You can see in photos 19-23 how long the lines were. The visiting team buses had some difficulty leaving due to the crowds lined up around the buses. They were probably just driving back to St. Louis, so there was no police escort to the airport. In fact, the St. Louis equipment truck was still loading when the buses left. There was no need to the buses to wait for the truck.

We'll continue to update the construction project occasionally through the end of the regular season (and postseason!) and will certainly have much more once the season ends and construction really ramps up.