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Wrigley Field Construction Update: September 23

We have more photos of the plaza construction.

BCB's David Sameshima was at Wednesday night's game and filed this report on the construction as well as some other ballpark activities.

I was in the bleachers Wednesday, so I was able to visit the grandstand to take more photos of the plaza construction. There was no substantial change from what I saw there Sunday. With the setting sun, I wasn't able to take any clean photos of the plaza. Please excuse the lens flare created by shooting into the sun.I was able to take some photos showing the interior of the groundskeeper's cottage. I also found a spot in the upper deck, where there is a view of the plaza. During my visit, the third base concourse elevator was operating.Before the start of the game, the team did honor the passing of Yogi Berra with a moment of silence.

There are also some photos in this set showing how the nets that are placed in front of the video boards during batting practice are stowed before the game starts.

We hope to have more photos here later this week.