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Wrigley Field Construction Update: September 26

The Cubs celebrated winning a playoff spot Saturday. Here's how the ballpark and construction areas looked on that day.

BCB's David Sameshima was at Wrigley Field Saturday and filed this report, along with the photos above.

Saturday was the last regular season game for me. I wanted to go around the park to take a final look around and visit with people. It was made rather difficult with the sold out crowd, which arrived early due to the bobblehead promotion. In addition, there was a slight delay opening the gates. I was thrown completely off schedule, and only made it over to the grandstand to take photos of the plaza just before first pitch. As a result, I was returning to the bleachers as they were playing a season highlight reel on the video boards, and the players were watching from outside of the dugout. I was in the left field corner, so I did have a view of the right-field video board. Since I was on that side, I did catch the bullpen players going through part of their pregame ritual.I wasn't sure what was going to happen after the game. I did stay for a while, but did end up leaving. It wasn't until I was on my way home that I learned that the players did eventually return on to the field to celebrate their postseason opportunity. I saw on the news, that not many fans did stay for this. Oh, well.I met up with some friends after the game, and they had one guest visiting from out of town. She wanted to see the marquee, so I walked over with them. I was surprised to see the condition of the display. In the morning, a few of the message lights were out. Now, many more lights were out, and the message was no longer legible. I saw photos posted by other friends throughout the day. It appears that different lights were not working throughout the day. I had suspected that it is not a simple matter, of burned out bulbs. Earlier this year I saw them inspecting all the individual bulbs, and posted a photo. It must be an issue with the sign. I am sure that it will be replaced as the renovation project continues.

As David noted, Saturday was his final game of the year in the bleachers. We're hoping, of course, to have more important activities around Wrigley Field than construction during October. As the construction project continues through the offseason, we'll chronicle the work here. Here's hoping they have to wait till November to do any significant work inside the park.