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Cubs Planning Wrigley Viewing Party For Wild-Card Game

Rumored for a few days, it's now close to becoming official.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

For the last several days, rumors had been flying at Wrigley Field about opening the ballpark for a viewing party October 7, so fans could watch the game from Pittsburgh on the video boards at the park.

According to the Tribune, it's likely going to happen:

The team is planning to show the game on its outfield video boards and tickets reportedly would be sold to season ticket holders first and then the public at a fixed price. Proceeds would go to charity.

Major League Baseball has yet to approve the event.

From what I have heard -- and this is still yet unofficial -- there might be an additional video screen set up in center field, and the bleachers would not be open. Most probably, the best viewing points for this would be in the upper deck, which provide the best unobstructed views of the video boards.

Of course, there is still the very small chance that the Cubs could catch the Pirates. In that case, the wild-card game could be at Wrigley.

But if not, fans might still be able to share the experience. Stay tuned!