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Wrigley Field Construction Update: September 1-2

This is more a "ballpark activity" update than a construction update.

BCB's David Sameshima was at Wrigley Field both Tuesday and Wednesday and didn't find too much construction activity, but did find some other interesting things happening around the ballpark:

I had to meet someone at the ballpark before the game Tuesday, but wasn't going to the game. I did take a few photos of the plaza building. Quite a bit of the structure is now up at the corner of Waveland and Clark. There is a new sign over by the broadcast center lot on Waveland. I took a photo of one of the group check in tables outside of the bleachers. With the new group sections in the bleachers, they have been setting up folding tables out on the sidewalk to check in guests. I suspect that this will be one of the uses of the new ticket window space on Waveland Avenue. It might be more of a will call/guest service window for corporate group outings in the bleachers. This ticket window space is still not open.When I was leaving, I walked around over to Gate D. I normally purchase my scorecard from the vendor there. As I went over to say hello to the vendors there, Ryan Dempster was there with a MLB Network video crew. They where doing interviews out on the street. I was back in the bleachers Wednesday, but did not have any time to roam around. Many center field regulars were missing today, so I sat with a couple of the blind regulars who sit there. Here are a few photos showing what I was able to capture from my center-field seat.It was odd during the game, when I caught some movement in the corner of my eye, and noticed the construction crane from the plaza moving. This was new. I was also surprised when I saw that the center field bleacher ADA section was filling up, during the early innings. It eventually filled up from end to end. I had never seen it filled up before.