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Your First Look At 2015 Cubs Postseason Tickets

The tickets arrived today... now this seems much more real.

The Cubs shipped their 2015 postseason tickets to season-ticket holders this week. Tuesday, I received an email with a tracking number. As you can imagine, I checked that number frequently all day Tuesday, and early this morning it said, "8:13 a.m. On FedEx vehicle for delivery."

Just after noon the doorbell rang and there they were!

This is the first time in seven years I've received such a packet of tickets... and it ramps up the excitement level, as I'm sure you know if you are also a season-ticket holder and have the actual game tickets in your hand now, or will later today.

I thought you'd all like to see what the tickets look like, so here they are (click to embiggen; warning, the images are quite large):

2015 cubs postseason tix
2015 cubs ws tix

As you can see, season-ticket holders paid for all the possibilities, including the chance that the Cubs could have won the N.L. Central and would have home field in the Division Series and Championship Series rounds. We'll get refunds (or account credits, which is what I chose, since eventually I'll have to pay for season tickets for next year) for the one Division Series game and one Championship Series game that the Cubs cannot host even if those rounds go the full length.

There's also a Wild Card game ticket in the packet. There's still that very small chance that the wild-card game will be played at Wrigley; otherwise we'll get refunds or credits for that one, too.

Enjoy this look at the tickets (and yes, I took all my personally-identifiable info off them). I hope I get to use every single one of them. Or, perhaps fewer, if the Cubs manage to sweep any of these series.

Hey, we can dream, right?