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Kyle Schwarber Out 3-5 Days With Rib Soreness

This is not good news for the Cubs. (Though it could have been worse.)

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Schwarber missed Wednesday's game with rib soreness that he felt while in the batting cage before the game. Now we know the result of that, at least for the immediate future:

I suppose this news is not too bad; it could have been an oblique injury and those are very, very tough to come back from. If it's only "3-5 days," and he can come back and play after that, the Cubs will be all right.

I suspect, though it's just my layman's opinion, that Schwarber might have hurt his rib diving for a ball Tuesday night against the Reds. Hopefully, a few days of rest will help and in the meantime, it's looking like a really good thing that the Cubs picked up Austin Jackson just before the August 31 cutoff for postseason rosters. Jackson will likely get the bulk of the playing time in Schwarber's absence; he's a good outfielder and has hit with power in the past.