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Losing A Bet To A Cubs Fan

BCB's Danny Rockett's best friend John Crotteau lost a bet and had to lead aerobics dressed as Richard Simmons in front of Dodger Stadium.

John Crotteau is Richard Simmons
John Crotteau is Richard Simmons
Danny Rockett

My best friend Johnny is a Nationals fan, so needless to say, I was incredibly nervous to wager my dignity with him this season. With the Nats picked to win the World Series and the Cubs predicted to finish around .500, I felt the Cubs didn't have a very good chance to take the season series from such a stacked team.

Things looked bleak after the Cubs lost two of three at Wrigley in May. Johnny only needed to split the home series to claim victory. But the Cubs pulled out three of four in Washington, D.C., culminating with a 6-3 victory behind Kyle Hendricks on June 7.

The bet was that the loser had to dress like Richard Simmons and lead aerobics in front of Dodger Stadium during the Cubs' visit out West, when I knew we'd be together. (Johnny lives in LA). And It all hysterically went down last Saturday.

Johnny intimated to me that he had bought his costume on Amazon using his work computer. Because Richard Simmons basically dances around in his underwear for a living, Johnny now gets ads filled with muscular men selling underwear every time logs on. It seems I have won twice.

I highly encourage all of you with friends that are fans of other teams to make bets like this. It was a ton of fun!

Enjoy the parody of "Rockin' Robin" I wrote with video of Johnny fulfilling his wagered obligations.