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Wrigley Field Construction Update: September 3

The construction crews took advantage of Thursday's off day to get some work done around the ballpark.

BCB's David Sameshima stopped by Wrigley Field on Thursday and filed this report:

I was able to visit the ballpark on Thursday. The construction crews were taking advantage of the Cubs off day, and they were busy working in the plaza. There was a steady stream of trucks delivering concrete and supplies to the plaza.I could also hear work taking place inside the ballpark. I did see lights being installed in the right field corner area to light the area above Gate Q. I am not really sure it is still designated Gate Q, as no signage has been put up there. There was also a worker sanding spots along the back of the right field bleachers. I took some photos to show the spots were the paint is now missing.I also noticed that there are now metal roll-down doors installed behind the iron gates along Sheffield and Waveland. I also took a photograph to show that the new elevator being installed in left field will only access the patio level, with the porch level. The existing center field elevator, behind the scoreboard, will be required to travel from the ground floor to the patio level.

The metal roll-down doors David is talking about (photos 4 and 12) are opened shortly before the gates open for games, so people can see in and out. These are undoubtedly in place for security reasons.

We'll continue to update the project as it continues through the rest of the year and the offseason.