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2016 MLB draft

Baseball history unpacked, July 5

A thrice-weekly look at #Cubs and #MLB history.

Cubs Sign Hatch, 23 Other Draft Picks

The deadline to sign draft picks was Friday, and the Cubs signed most of their top picks

Cubs Go Heavy On Pitching In MLB Draft

It was a low-key draft compared to the past years, but there are still 38 new members of the Cubs family.

2016 MLB Draft Recap And Day 3 Open Thread

The Cubs went really heavy on pitching in day 2.

Day 2 Draft Open Discussion Thread

The Cubs are actually going to make picks today. Welcome those new players to the family.

Open Thread: MLB Draft

The Cubs don't pick today, but we can follow along anyway.

Cubs Minor League System The On Eve Of The Draft

The Cubs look to fill some needs in the upcoming draft.

2016 MLB Draft Prep In An Information Age

Just how do you boil down all the information about potential draft picks?

2016 MLB Draft Prep And Expectations

What are your expectations for a year when the Cubs don't have a pick till No. 104 overall?

2016 MLB Draft Prep And The 3 Options

How can the Cubs make this year's draft special? Here are some options.

2016 MLB Draft Prep And Being Visionary

How will this year's draft go for the Cubs, as more than 100 players will be chosen before they pick?

2016 MLB Draft Prep: The Coaching Glut

Why does it seem like there are better players now? They have better coaching.