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Happy New Year 2016 From BCB!

Looking forward to exciting Cubs things this year!

Photo: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports. Photo Illustration: Mike Bojanowski

2015 brought us many days of excitement, thrills and happiness as Cubs fans.

The somewhat-unexpected results of 2015 and the moves made this offseason so far give us all great hope that 2016 will be "the year." I don't think I need to tell you what "year" that is, either. There might still be more additions to the Cubs roster before spring camp begins about six weeks from now. One thing about a deep playoff run -- it makes the offseason shorter, and baseball now isn't too far away.

Here's my New Year's wish for everyone here that 2016 brings you everything you're hoping for in your own life, as well as the best Cubs season of any of our lifetimes. We've all waited far too long for the latter, that's for sure.

Here's an even larger version of the photo at the top of this post (and click on it if you want to make it even bigger than that):

2016 happy new year